Jane Austen has done it again!

Dacă în post-ul anterior vorbeam despre o scenă de sex exhibiționistă tipic scriiturii lui Jane (sau Janei) Austen, astăzi voi vrea să reproduc un fragment a unui viol ai cărui protagoniști sunt sunt aceiași Emma și Mr. Elton. Mr. Elton can’t take no for an answer și trece la treabă în trăsura cu care aceștia călătoresc înspre Hartfield. Libidoul nu cunoaște pudibonderiile victoriene:

“She believed he had been drinking too much of Mr. Weston’s good wine, and felt sure that he would want to be talking nonsense.

To restrain him as much as might be, by her own manners, she was immediately preparing to speak with exquisite calmness and gravity of the weather and the night; but scarcely had she begun, scarcely had they passed the sweep-gate and joined the other carriage, than she found her subject cut up – her hand seized – her attention demanded, and Mr. Elton actually making violent love to her: availing himself of the precious opportunity, declaring sentiments which must be already well known, hoping – fearing – adoring – ready to die if she refused him; but flattering himself that his ardent attachment and unequalled love and unexampled passion could not fail of having some effect, and in short, very much resolved on being seriously accepted as soon as possible. It really was so. Without scruple – without apology – without much apparent diffidence, Mr. Elton, the lover of Harriet, was professing himself her lover. She tried to stop him; but vainly; he would go on, and say it all”